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Local Time – Custom Fields and List Views

The Local Time custom fields can be placed in Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Cases pages and their related list views.

The difference between the Local Time custom field and the Local Time gadget is that the gadget is based on visualforce and it updates the time at a regular frequency (every minute). The gadget cannot be added to list views. The Local Time custom field on the other hand is a formula field and thus it can be added to list views. However it does not update the time automatically like the gadget. Once the local time is computed by the formula field, its value remains static (unless the list view or the page is refreshed).

The Local Time custom field is a formula field and is dependent on another custom field called UTC Offset. The UTC Offset custom field gets computed when a record is either created or updated. Thus after you installed the App, the Local Time custom field shows a value Unknown for all the old records that were created prior to the installation of the App. However, the custom field will start showing proper values if you update these old records or create any new records there after.

Please note that the Local Time custom field will continue to show the value Unknown if the address or the phone number information is incorrect for the record.

The following example shows how to place the custom field for the Lead object. Similar procedure can be followed for other supported objects.

Step 1 – Select the Leads tab and click on List View Controls and click the Select Fields to Display link.


local time list view


Step 2 – Select the Local Time in the Available Fields listbox and add it to the Visible Fields listbox, and then click the Save button. In case you do not see this field in the listbox, please check the Field Level Security (FLS) settings on this field to ensure that it is visible.


local time list view


Step 3 – Done. You will see the Local Time custom field shown in the listview. You can click on its name in the header to sort it either in the ascending or descending order.


local time list view


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