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  • Google, Bing and Yahoo have switched all searches over to encrypted searches using HTTPS. This means that the search query string is no longer available in the referral URLs. Thus if an inbound lead came from organic Google/Bing/Yahoo search results, the Search Query field in AdIntel will be empty. However if the inbound lead came through a Google AdWords ad click, then AdIntel would attempt to fetch the Search Query string via the Google AdWords API. The App in general is able to find the search query string in most of the cases. However, this is not 100% guaranteed due to the limitations within the API in obtaining the Search Query string.
  • It is not guaranteed that the geo location (City and Country fields) will be identified every time for each inbound lead/contact. The App can only identify the geo location where it is possible. This could happen due to many technical reasons, such as, enhanced security settings, javascript restrictions in the vistor’s web browser, or lack of data. Thus for some inbound leads/contacts, you may not see the complete geo location details.
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