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Configure other sources

The AdIntel App for Salesforce currently offers native integration for Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads platforms. The App can capture various campaign specific information, including costs, from these platforms so that it can calculate automatically ROI for each of your ad campaigns.

However for all other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, the App currently can only track metrics such as Lead Source, Campaign, Keyword, and the Campaign medium, by utilizing the UTM parameters. The App cannot fetch cost information, for instance, and thus automatic calculation of ROI is currently not possible.

To track the inbound leads coming from these platforms in Salesforce, we recommend that you utilize the UTM parameters and tag each of the Destination URLs with these parameters.

Example 1: Sample Destination URL (landing page URL) for your campaign on LinkedIn:

Example 2: Sample Destination URL (landing page URL) for your campaign on Twitter:

Following is a description of each of the UTM parameters:

Parameter Description Example
Campaign Source
Required parameter to identify the source of your traffic such as: search engine, newsletter, or other referral. utm_source=linkedin
Campaign Medium
Required parameter to identify the medium the link was used upon such as: email, CPC, or other method of sharing. utm_medium=cpc
Campaign Term
Optional parameter suggested for paid search to identify keywords for your ad. utm_term=forklift
Campaign Name
Required parameter to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign such as a spring sale or other promotion. utm_campaign=Forklift
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