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AdIntel for Salesforce – Native Integration with Facebook Ads

Success Software is pleased to announce the latest release of AdIntel App for Salesforce with native support to track Facebook Ads performance.
AdIntel Gadget for Facebook
AdIntel has been traditionally used by its customers to track campaign performance for Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads. However, with the latest release of AdIntel, you can also automatically track and obtain the Marketing ROI for Facebook ads – just like you are currently tracking ROI for Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads.

With this poweful enhancement, you can now prioritize and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns, make informed decisions in optimizing your online marketing budgets, and increase your overall Marketing ROI.

Due to its native integration with Facebook, it is now possible from one centralized location in Salesforce to visualize and measure the performance of your Facebook initiatives, and take necessary actions to deliver the best possible return on your Facebook investments.

We are confident that our customers will take advantage of this enhancement to prioritize and optimize their Facebook ad campaigns to raise the overall Marketing ROI.

AdIntel for Salesforce – Key Benefits:

  • Visualize and measure performance of your online ad campaigns on diverse platforms.
  • Save resources in manually collecting and combining similar intelligence from various systems.
  • Get the overall ROI based on Ad account, campaign, ad group, ad, and keywords.
  • Preview each Ad that generated the lead (Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook).
  • Multi-channel tracking, including social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Jump-start analysis with four out of the box customizable dashboards and lots of reports.
  • Identify top performing ads, keywords, search phrases, and campaigns driving the creation of leads, pipeline, and revenue.
  • Get complete overview of leads, opportunity pipeline, and revenue generated from both organic search and paid programs.
  • Run drill-down reports based on Ad account, campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword to get critical information – such as average costs in generating leads, opportunities, and revenue.

Learn more about the AdIntel App for Salesforce and request a free trial today!

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Success Software

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